Crow Creek Golf News, Tips, and Updates

Crow Creek Golf News, Tips, and Updates

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Course Management- Club Selection

Course Management-  Club Selection Course management isn’t just a fancy word for the professionals.  It’s a tool that every golfer should have in their arsenal.  I think club selection is by far the most important factor in course management.  Too often I see golfers...

Winter Golf Tips

Winter Golf Tips We thought our members and visitors could benefit from some winter golf tips. The good thing about living in the Southeast is that we can play golf year round. Of course you have your fair weather golfers what won't play when it drops below 60...

How To Read Greens

Putting Putting Into Perspective - Too Much Emphasis On The Stroke I hope you enjoy my tips on how to read greens. There is a certain amount of anxiety for many golfers when they get on the putting surface.  Unfortunately most of them don’t practice their putting and...