When you think of Myrtle Beach, you might envision its beautiful sandy beaches and lively summer atmosphere. However, Myrtle Beach has a well-kept secret – it’s an exceptional destination for winter golf enthusiasts. Among the many golf courses in the area, Crow Creek Golf Club stands out as a shining gem for those seeking the perfect golf experience during the winter months. With its meticulously manicured overseeded rye grass fairways and bent grass greens, Crow Creek offers a golfing experience like no other.

Winter Conditions:

One of the reasons winter is a fantastic time to play golf in Myrtle Beach, particularly at Crow Creek Golf Club, is the weather. While much of the country grapples with freezing temperatures and snow-covered fairways, Myrtle Beach enjoys a mild and comfortable climate during the winter months. The average temperature hovers around 60°F (15°C), making it a golfer’s paradise, especially for those looking to escape the cold.

Perfectly Manicured Fairways:

Crow Creek Golf Club takes pride in its well-maintained overseeded rye grass fairways. Overseeding, which involves planting cool-season grass seeds over the existing Bermuda grass, ensures lush, green, and pristine fairways throughout the winter. The result is a picture-perfect landscape that offers an incredible playing surface for golfers of all skill levels.

Bent Grass Greens:

While the fairways at Crow Creek are exceptional, the true standout feature during winter is the bent grass greens. Bent grass is known for its exceptional putting quality and consistency. These greens remain smooth and fast throughout the winter, providing golfers with a true test of their putting skills. The combination of overseeded fairways and bent grass greens makes Crow Creek Golf Club a golfer’s dream during the winter season.

Less Crowded:

Winter golf at Myrtle Beach, including Crow Creek, offers a more peaceful and less crowded experience. With fewer tourists in town, you can enjoy a leisurely round of golf without feeling rushed or waiting on every tee box. It’s the perfect time to focus on your game and appreciate the natural beauty of the course.

Affordable Rates:

Another advantage of playing golf in Myrtle Beach during the winter is the reduced rates. Many golf courses, including Crow Creek, offer winter specials and packages that make the sport more affordable. You can enjoy a premium golfing experience without breaking the bank.

Spectacular Scenery:

The winter season brings its own unique beauty to Crow Creek Golf Club. The contrast of the lush green fairways against the clear blue skies and the pristine white sand bunkers creates a picturesque backdrop for your golfing adventure. The tranquility of the off-season allows you to fully appreciate the course’s natural surroundings.


If you’re a passionate golfer looking for a winter escape, Myrtle Beach, and Crow Creek Golf Club, in particular, should be at the top of your list. With ideal weather conditions, perfectly manicured overseeded fairways, bent grass greens, and the added perks of affordability and fewer crowds, this destination offers a golfing experience like no other. Plan your winter golf getaway to Myrtle Beach and discover the hidden gem that is Crow Creek Golf Club – a golfer’s paradise even in the heart of winter.

Thank you

Michael Benson

Director of Golf Sales & Marketing / Controller

Crow Creek Golf Club