What’s going on at the Creek?

We are very excited to announce that we will be resurfacing our greens this summer to brand new bent grass.  Over the last decade, the Grand Strand has seen the majority of its courses switch to Ultra-dwarf Bermuda grass greens in lieu of its summer time heat tolerance.  Crow Creek has built a reputation on our commitment to superior service and conditioning and we didn’t want to jeopardize any opportunities to deliver anything but the best for our guests.  We feel we can achieve more days of pristine golf conditions playing on bent grass than we can Bermuda.  Our team has selected a new strain of bent grass that is more heat tolerant and heals ball marks quicker than its predecessors.  Crow Creek is happy to be unique and we can’t wait to have all of our friends join us for the finished product this fall.

Why switch greens now, what happened?

Over the course of the past 17 years some of our greens have been invaded by the surrounding Bermuda grass.  The discoloration you see is actually the light colored dormant Bermuda grass contrasting with the darker bent grass.  These final three months before the rebuild, our maintenance staff is doing everything possible to keep the putting surfaces smooth and fast.  Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about the look.  We hope you understand our challenges and we appreciate your patience with us.

How long will we be closed?

The course will be closed June 1st and the anticipated grand re-opening is October 2nd.  We want to make sure everything is absolutely perfect before our friends come back to see us.

Where is the vibrant green grass in the fairways?

Due to the historical floods this past October during Hurricane Matthew, many of the Bermuda fairways were weakened and in need of a break from our usual ryegrass overseeding practice.  Weak Bermuda will get weaker with overseeding. Without the competition from the ryegrass, the Bermuda already looks cleaner and stronger than before.  We will likely overseed the fairways and tees this fall.

Will this affect the greens?

A positive of skipping the overseeding process in the spring was having the ability to do extensive weed control on the entire golf course.  Round Up is used to clean up and kill any Poa annua and other weeds. Poa annua is a cool season grass/weed that usually becomes a problem in the spring as seed heads begin to find their way onto putting surfaces.  Eliminating all the weeds in the spring will give us optimal conditions for the greens construction during the summer.

What about the restaurant?

During the shutdown, the restaurant will undergo some renovation.  It should be open mid-July.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions or concerns.  We will continue to provide a professional and fun atmosphere for our guests.  Our proshop will remain open during the rebuild to assist with any tee time needs.  Thank you for your business and continued support.

-Your friends from Crow Creek