Why Myrtle Beach Golf?

There are at least 85 reasons to choose Myrtle Beach golf as your next vacation. With 85 courses all within a few minutes drive, the selection is unmatched in any other golf destination. With that selection comes a bit of challenge….where do you play and what’s the decision process? When looking at our area, it’s best to consider three regions of courses. South end, central, and north end are the way we group the courses. It always makes sense to schedule your golf in the general area of your accommodations. We have a number of golf package companies working out of the Myrtle Beach area who can offer logistics help for larger groups.

Crow Creek Golf

Although located in Calabash, NC Crow Creek Golf Club is considered to be right in the heart of Myrtle Beach Golf. Just a short 10 minute drive from the center of Myrtle Beach, golfers planning to play Crow Creek can easily get to our course when staying in the central part of the beach and from the northern end its a breeze. We even have a few folks staying on the south end who come up to play our course during their visits. If you plan to make that trip allow plenty of time and you’ll be fine.

The Peak Seasons – Book Early And Save

Myrtle Beach is a year-round golf destination. Our peak golf seasons are spring and fall and playing in those seasons require some advance planning and booking. The good news….many of the courses are now offering preferred pricing for early booking. You’ll definitely see premium pricing the closer your booking to playing window.  Some who have played here in the past may have been able to enjoy some last minute saving. We once were home to well over 100 golf courses and supply far exceeded demand. The golf economy in Myrtle Beach is certainly improving, and spring and fall golf seasons are very busy.


Myrtle Beach golf peak seasons fall on the shoulders of summer tourist season. As one might expect, hotel rooms are at their highest during summer tourist season, so golfers get a break in peak golf seasons. There’s no shortage of rooms for golfers in Myrtle Beach, but getting accommodations near your planned courses may again require some advanced planning and booking. The most conveniently located rooms definitely book first.

When To Begin Planning

If you plan to play Myrtle Beach golf in the Spring, and want the best tee times and lodging, you’ll want to have your group together with rooms booked and deposits made by late fall. Earlier is certainly better. Playing in the fall means having everything in place by the end of Spring. You can wait til closer to travel time to book, but you will not have the selection booking early provides…not to mention the price benefits.

Golf Training Vacations

Golf training vacations are becoming very popular. As you might guess, with a local golf academy, and 85 golf courses, we have some of the best teaching pros anywhere. Make plans to schedule a training session with one of our teaching pros here at Crow Creek. We’ll get you golf-ready in no time. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or well-experienced golfer, we have programs designed to give you the help you need with your game. Click HERE for more information.

We hope you decide to play Myrtle Beach golf, and by all means include Crow Creek in your package. Feel free to leave us any questions you have HERE. We look forward to seeing you soon!